FEI Competition Kicks Off With Young Horse Classes

Devon, Pa. – Sept. 28, 2022 – Competition at Dressage at Devon’s 2022 Breed Show continued with the United States Dressage Federation’s (USDF) Breed Championship Finals to round out the breed divisions. Nine new champions were named in the competitive classes that took place in the Dixon Oval Thursday morning prior to the start of the FEI Young Horse classes later in the afternoon. The highlight event of the day, the Sabine Schut-Kery Masterclass, presented by ShowPlus, took place at 5:30 p.m. in the Dixon Oval with a packed house of spectators onlooking. 

Starting off the day on a high note, Fassbender CF, an Oldenburg gelding, took home the USDFBC 5-Year-Old Materiale Championship, presented by Aspara Gallery, with Noel Williams on a score of 79.4%. Masterful Dream, a Dutch Warmblood gelding, took the reserve championship with Lauren Chumley on a score of 78.4%. Fhacet, an Oldenburg gelding, finished in third place with Hillary Moses on a score of 77.85%. 


In the 4-Year-Old Materiale Championship, presented by Kashmir Moon, Jocelyn Kraenzle donned the champion rosette, earning a score of 81.100% with Fherrari, an Oldenburg mare owned by Maurine Swanson. Duesenberg CF, a Hanoverian gelding owned by Cary Dyer, was the reserve champion with a score of 77.3% with Mindy Elgart. Zaphira EQD, an Oldenburg mare owned by Irons Sporthorses LLC, rounded out the top three with Hannah Irons, scoring 77.25%.

D'Obrigado GGF
D’Obrigado GGF

The 3-Year-Old Materiale Championship that closed out the afternoon saw Brittany Stanley and D’Obrigado GGF, a Hanoverian gelding owned by Cary Dyer, take home the top honors with a score of 80.7%. Reserve champion was awarded to Alexandria Wilcox and Dantes Hit Caledonia, an Oldenburg gelding owned by Carolyn Nordberg, with a score of 78.2%. Just behind Wilcox on the leaderboard was Jessie Hayes aboard Olin E, a KWPN mare owned by Marie-Josee Proulx, who took third on a score of 78.1%.

Fahrenheit Hilltop
Fahrenheit Hilltop

Hilltop Farm Inc.’s Fahrenheit Hilltop was named the USDFBC Current Year Foal Champion with a score of 82.388%. Vita Fiamma, an Oldenburg filly, was the reserve champion with Caroline Cox on a score of 81.963%. Iron Callista TR and Robin Birk finished third with 79.9%. Priya De Jeu, a 2-year-old Dutch Warmblood, was the USDFBC Filly Champion with Alexandria Wilcox on a score of 80.088%. Northpointe Farm’s Stellar Wind, a 3-year-old Oldenburg, was the reserve champion with Bruce Griffin III, scoring a 78.4%. Reprise MP, a 1-year-old KWPN, finished in third place with Katie Cook, scoring 78.025%. In the USDFBC Colt/Gelding Final, it was Vermilion Ash, a 1-year-old Hanoverian, who took home the win with Samantha Kidd on a score of 81.9%. Another Hanoverian yearling, Wyndsor CF, took the reserve championship honors with Kimberly Kobryn-Callaway, scoring 80.025%. D’Obrigado GGF and Brittany Stanley took third place with 79.888%. 

Finest Hour BC
Finest Hour BC

Finest Hour BC, a 4-year-old Oldenburg, earned the USDFBC Stallion Championship title with Andrea Nuccio, scoring 80.475%. Ann Daum’s SF Bohemian Rhapsody, a 4-year-old Westfalen, was the reserve champion with Hannah Salazar on a score of 77.95%. The Duke of Clarence, a 15-year-old Westphalian, rounded out the top three with Samantha Kidd, scoring 76.6%. In the USDFBC Mare Championship, it was Maurine Swanson’s Fherrari who took the top honors with Jocelyn Kraenzle, scoring 81.25%. Noblewood Tarpania, a 4-year-old Dutch Warmblood, finished with the reserve honors on 80.475% with Quinnten Alston. Kashmir R, an 8-year-old Dutch Warmblood, finished in third place with a score of 79.775% with Samantha Kidd. 

Following the awards for the final USDFBC class, another special award was presented in the Dixon Oval. Jennifer Bateman and Michael Bragdell were given the Equiline Best Dressed Award as part of the FEI Jog, presented by Unionville Equine Associates.

Jennifer Bateman presented with the Equiline Best Dressed Award

In addition to the USDFBC classes, the FEI Young Horse classes took place in the afternoon in Wheeler Ring. Cesar Parra and Mollegardens Fashion, a Danish Warmblood gelding, took first place in the FEI Final Test for 6 Years-Olds with 76.2%. Kymberly Pullen and Mojito, her KWPN gelding, earned first in the FEI Final Test for 5 Year-Olds with a score of 75.8%. Cesar Parra saw the winners circle again with Fanta 4, his Hanoverian gelding, who won the FEI Final Test for 7 Year-Olds with a score of 75.286%. In the National level ring, Silva Martin and Farouche, her Westphalian mare, finished with a blue ribbon in the USEF Young Horse Test for 4 Year-Olds, presented by Daily Dose Equine, scoring an impressive 87.6%. 

Competition at Dressage at Devon will resume Friday, Sept. 30, with the FEI Final Young Horse Test for 7-Year-Olds at 8:00 a.m. in the Dixon Oval. The CDI3* Grand Prix to qualify for the Grand Prix Special, presented by Equiline, will take place at 6:30 p.m. The CDI-W Grand Prix to qualify for the Grand Prix Freestyle, also presented by Equiline, will start at 8:00 p.m.


Brittany Stanley and D’Obrigado GGF – USDFBC 3yr old Materiale Champion

On D’Obrigado GGF:
“He’s a 3-year-old bred by Rachel Ehrlich and owned by Cary Dyer. Michael (Bragdell) has the mare in training, he’s ridden the mother, so we have a lot of family history. I got the opportunity to start with him in February, so we backed him and now Michael’s helping to develop him. It’s his first time here – we’ve only done one schooling show, which was his first outing. It was actually a combined test, so he had people jumping at us in the warmup. I thought if he can handle that, he can handle Devon. He’s been a really good boy.”

Brittany Stanley and D'Obrigado GGF
Brittany Stanley and D’Obrigado GGF

On what’s next for D’Obrigado GGF:
“It depends on Cary’s goals, I think eventually he’ll be a horse for her. But as long as I have him, I’ll get some more competition miles, and hopefully be back here next year.”

On what’s next for Brittany:
“I have another horse doing the test of choice (Prix St. Georges) here, so that’ll be the rest of my week. For season, I stay home and work with all the young horses until some of them go onto Michael. But I have some to back, so I keep them going here.”

On Dressage at Devon:
“Being able to school in this atmosphere is a huge opportunity for them. It really sets them up for the rest of their career. And even for us as riders, the U.S. is so big – to get this quality of horses all in one place is really important for the industry.”


USDFBC 3yr old Materiale Championship, 

Rider / Horse / Owner / Score
1. Brittany Stanley / D’Obrigado GGF / Cary Dyer / 80.700%
2. Alexandria Wilcox / Dante’s Hit Caledonia / Carolyn Nordberg / 78.200%
3. Jessie Hayes / Olin E / Marie-Josee Proulx / 78.100%
4. Larissa Barilar / Riobamba / High Point Hanoverians / 77.600%
5. Noel Williams / Maisie CF / Nancy Holowesko / 77.050%
6. Lauren Chumley / Oskar / Christopher Preston / 77.050%

USDFBC 4yr old Materiale Championship, presented by Kashmir Moon

Rider / Horse / Owner / Score
1. Jocelyn Kraenzle / Ferrari / Maurine Swanson / 81.100%
2. Mindy Elgart / Duesenberg CF / Mindy Elgart / 77.300%
3. Hannah Irons / Zaphira EQD / Irons Sporthorses LLC / 77.250%
4. Wanja Borris Gerlach / Shem / The Stables at Normandy Farm / 76.450%
5. Lauren Chumley / Notorious H20 / Lauren Chumley / 75.100%
6. Hannah Salazar / Charleston / Sarah Daehnert / 74.950%

USDFBC 5yr old Materiale Championship, presented by Aspara Gallery

Rider / Horse / Owner / Score
1. Noel Williams / Fassbender CF / Nancy Holowesko / 79.400%
2. Lauren Chumley / Masterful Dream / Lauren Chumley / 78.400%
3. Hillary Moses / Fhacet / Adrianna Angelini / 77.8505
4. Beth Sproule-Hansen / Mellencamp / Beth Sproule-Hansen / 77.750%
5. Sara Carlisle / Mystic Lady DK / DK Dressage Horses & Sara Carlisle / 76.700%
6. Olivia Steidle / Brego / Marie Braverman Kohles / 76.050%

Fahrenheit Hilltop
Fahrenheit Hilltop