Distinctly Different Dressage Experiences “The Quarry View” Dance Off 2024

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You and up to two guests will feel the ground move as the horses put on their dancing shoes! Watch the horses Hip Hop to live music.The riders all dressed in BLING to impress you and the judges. A chance of a lifetime that won’t soon be forgotten!

Package Includes:

  • Entrance to the show grounds for an exciting sunset stroll visiting the fantastic shops. Then you and your guests will be escorted to the Dixon Oval and take your places in one of the Quarry View judge’s boxes1.
  • Local Farm to Table gourmet treats and a bottle of wine to share. All in a commemorative Dressage at Devon tote bag with lap robes.
  • Sandbox seats let you judge who competes! Clap your hands to the beat in the very best seat!
  • This event is followed by our evening classes so you and your guest will have to leave the judge’s boxes but we encourage you to stay on and enjoy the rest of the evening filled with amazing horses, treasuring the time shared with friends
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