Devon, Pa. – Sept. 27, 2022 – The highly anticipated, USEF Heritage Competition Dressage at Devon started bright and early Tuesday morning, welcoming some of North America’s top competitors and a plethora of fans back to the iconic Dixon Oval for another year of excitement and time-honored tradition. To start the week, individual breed classes and up-and-coming talent in the young horse classes stepped foot in the Dixon Oval and Wheeler Ring. At the conclusion of a packed day and numerous ribbons awarded, new titles were given to this year’s handler champions, breeding group champions, and the Pony division champions. 

In the Wheeler Ring, James Jackson was named the top Adult Amateur Handler, showing Springborgs Device in style in his Dressage at Devon debut. Jackson noted that he and Springborgs Device, a 10-year-old mare owned by Renee Oleary, have a great partnership and frequently spend time trail riding at home together. For the mare’s first time showing with Jackson by her side at the electric venue, he was pleased that she was on her best behavior at the show. Jackson earned a score of 80.1% for his performance in the class presented by Envirostall. Rachel Hosier took home second place honors with Raycita WS, her own yearling filly, with a score of 79.6%. Jordan Gray and Attis, Renee Tucci’s yearling colt, finished in third with a score of 78.1%. 

James Jackson and Springborgs Device
James Jackson and Springborgs Device

In the Youth Handler class, presented by Intec Performance/International Riding Helmets, Georgia Brame topped the leaderboard with  Laudable VT, a 10-year-old mare owned by Beth Bass, on a score of 82.1% Finishing in second place was Ella Rose Trull with Roosewelt, earning a score of 76.3%, while Noelle Telep rounded out the top three with HD Victory, an 8-year-old mare owned by Gillian McCarthy, on a score of 76%.

Quinnten Alston with Frida Kahlo QC

The highlighted individual breed class of the day, the Hanoverian Class presented by the American Hanoverian Society, saw a competitive field of 23 horses and handlers take to the ring. In the end, it was Quinnten Alston with Frida Kahlo QC, a 2-year-old mare owned by Jonathan Clarke, who took home the blue ribbon with a score of 85.95%. King Santacruz with Roosewelt, a yearling colt owned by Angela Mirarchi, finished in second place with a score of 79.7%, while Elizabeth Schneider with Cadence LSR, a 5-year-old mare owned by Sandra Warner, finished third with a 79.675%.

To wrap up the day’s individual breed classes, the top placing entries in each class were welcomed back to the Dixon Oval for the Parade of Breeds. A true salute to the best of the best, the tradition of having representatives from each breed present in the arena for another chance of recognition is always highly anticipated. Exhibitors were welcomed back for the special presentation and prizes offered by Horse Scents to close out the afternoon’s festivities.

Iron Spring Farm’s infamous stallion Tjalbert 460, a 16-year-old Friesian stallion, was named the Get of Sire winner with a score of 78.35% following the presentation of several of his progeny. The award was presented by The Equine Artisan to Quinnten Alston. Vasari, a 6-year-old Hanoverian stallion, finished in second place with Samantha Kidd on a score of 78.15%. Lindegaards Elliot, a 9-year-old Knabstrupper stallion, took third with Meagan Maloney on 73.9%.

Waikiki, a 19-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare owned by Melanie Harper, was named the champion of the Produce of Dam class, presented by Flexible Fit Equestrian, earning a score of 79.8% with Katie Cook. Dynastie Damon’s D’amara, a 9-year-old Hanoverian mare owned by Sue Anne Wells, finished close behind in second place with Bruce Griffin III on a score of 79.1%. Florida May K, Olga Iglikova’s own 7-year-old Hanoverian mare, took home third place with 75%.

Produce of Dam Winner
Produce of Dam Winner. Photo by Bob Conklin Photography.

In the Breeder’s Group class, presented by Arista Equestrian, that followed, it was ultimately Iron Spring Farm with Quinnten Alston who claimed the top prize with a score of 82%. Hilltop Farm Breeder’s Group took the second place position with King Santacruz, earning a score of 80.95%, while MP Sporthorses with Melanie Harper finished in third place with 79.2%.

King Santacruz and Princi
King Santacruz and Princi

Under the stadium lights of the Dixon Oval, competitors in the Young/Mature Pony Championship, presented by The Jeweled Pony, were last but not least for the evening. Angela Mirarchi’s Princi, a 12-year-old Sport Pony mare, took home the top prize with King Santacruz. Mirarchi recalled Princi’s first outing as a weanling at Dressage at Devon, who performed well and earned scores in the high 70s in the open division before the pony classes had made their debut. Mirarchi is a big believer in giving talented ponies a place to compete and training them to the highest level possible, helping encourage children to take an interest in dressage and learn on the best.

Georgia Brame with Kitsune PA, a 4-year-old Arabian mare owned by Gali Rogers was the reserve champion of the night. Ellen Ziemer’s Dresscode Dancing Date, a 3-year-old German Riding Pony, finished in third place.

Get of Sire Winner
Get of Sire Winner. Photo by Bob Conklin Photography.

In the Pony Foal/Yearling Championship just before, GWS Chicago, a Westphalian colt owned and shown by Amy Brumbach and bred by Mirarchi, took the top honors. Phable of Rapunzel, a yearling filly owned and show by Keri Blizniak and also bred by Mirarchi, took home the red ribbon, while Fox Hills Knight’s Tale, a Hanoverian yearling colt owned, shown, and bred by Brigitte Deitz, finished in third place. 

Competition at Dressage at Devon will continue Wednesday, Sept. 28, with the Colts/Geldings of Current Year, presented by Romitelli Boots, at 8:00 a.m. 


James Jackson and Springborgs Device
James Jackson and Springborgs Device

James Jackson – Adult Amateur Handler Champion

On Springborgs Device:
“She’s 10 and she’s a Danish mare. She shows under saddle too. She is good in the barn, she is way better at home. We do a lot of trail riding and walking. She gets along great with other horses, they all go out together. She loves to stay out all night. We just started showing this year together. It feels really good [to have a blue ribbon].” 

On showing at Dressage at Devon:
“It’s great, I have two more classes on Wednesday and Thursday. This is it for her this year, then we will start over for next year. This is the best she has ever been this year. She likes to stay busy.”

Angela Mirarchi – Young/Mature Pony Champion

On Princi:
“I got into breeding way back in 2005, and [Princi] was the reason I came to Devon so long ago. She showed in this ring as a weanling, and she hadn’t been back since. So we came this time because of her colt, and I thought ‘I might as well just throw her in a class.’ So it was actually a last minute entry.”

On her history at Dressage at Devon:
“I remember her scores being in the high 70’s because we didn’t have pony classes, so she showed in the open class. It was unheard of back then to put a pony with a warmblood, so that was really fun to see her do well.”


On Pony Classes:
“I firmly believe in giving a small athlete that has very competitive gaits, like the horses, to our kids because they need a good base. Our kids are competitive, and I thought, if I can breed a pony that’s competitive with the warmbloods, it’ll get the adults riding and then they’ll hand these ponies down to the kids. I’ve been pushing for that for a long time – I think our sport needs it, and it’ll help strengthen our support for our kids.”


Adult Amateur Handler Championship, presented by EnviroStall

Handler / Horse / Owner / Score
1. James Jackson / Springborgs Device / Renee Oleary / 80.100%
2. Rachel Hosier / Raycita WS / Rachel Hosier / 79.600%
3. Jordan Gray / Attis / Renee Tucci / 78.100%
4. Catherine Turner / Halcyonia Tiger Lilly / Catherine Turner / 76.900%
5. Jennifer Valentine / Winfield Mariah / Jennifer Valentine / 75.800%
6. Emily Daignault-Salvaggio / Jirrocco Ryal K / Emily Daignault-Salvaggio / 74.500%
7. Amanda Braun / Commando / Amanda Braun / 73.500%
8. Chelsea Carlson / Valkyrie AF Midgard / Chelsea Carlson / 71.100%
9. Adrienne Morella / KB Royal Samurai AF / Adrienne Morella / 70.300%
10. Cheryl Giulino / Soren SCH / Cheryl Giulino / 67.100%
11. Carrie Ahonen / Pride of Rio Star / Carrie Ahonen / 66.500%
12. Melissa Becker / Ensigns Magic Enchantment / Melissa Becker / 66.500%

Youth Handler Championship, presented by Intec Performance/International Riding Helmets

Handler / Horse / Owner / Score
1. Georgia Brame / Laudable VT / Beth Bass / 82.100%
2. Ella Rose Trull / Roosevelt / Angela Mirarchi / 76.300%
3. Noelle Telep / HD Victory / Gillian McCarthy / 76.000%
4. Gemma Prion / Nuala / Gemma Prion / 74.600 %
5. Olivia Carr / Rhiannon V / Stephanie Mason / 73.800%
6. Campbell Willoughby / Costanza / Jennifer Hoffman / 72.700%

Pony Foal/Yearling Championship

Horse / Handler / Owner
1. GWS Chicago / Amy Brumbach / Amy Brumbach
2. Phable of Rapunel / Keri Blizniak / Keri Blizniak
3. Fox Hills Knights Tale / Brigitte Deitz / Brigitte Deitz
4. Primo Amore / Kristen Deluca / Kristen Deluca

Young/Mature Pony Championship, presented by The Jeweled Pony

Horse / Handler / Owner
1. Princi / King Santacruz / Angela Mirarchi
2. Kitsune PA / Georgia Brame / Gali Rogers
3. Dresscode Dancing Date / Ellen Ziemer / Ellen Ziemer
4. Peppertini / Kristen Deluca / Kristen Deluca
5. Halcyonia Tiger Lily / Catherine Turner / Catherine Turner

Get of Sire, presented by The Equine Artisan

Horse / Handler / Owner / Score
1. Tjalbert 460 / Quinnten Alston / Iron Spring Farm Inc. / 78.350%
2. Vasari /  Samantha Kidd / Samantha Kidd / 78.150%
3. Lindegaards Elliot / Meagan Maloney / Meagan Moloney / 73.900%

Produce of Dam, presented by Flexible Fit Equestrian

Horse / Handler / Owner / Score
1. Waikiki / Katie Cook / Katie Cook / 79.800%
2. Dynastie Damon’s D’amara / Bruce Griffin III / Sue Anne Wells / 79.100%
3. Florida May K / Olga Iglikova / Olga Iglikova / 75.000%

Breeder’s Group, presented by Arista Equestrian

Breeder / Handler / Score
1. Iron Spring Farm – 2 / Quinnten Alston / 82.00%
2. Hilltop Farm Breeders Group / King Santacruz / 80.950%
3. MP Sporthorse / Melanie Harper / 79.200%
3. Arion Sporthorses / Samantha Kidd / 79.100%
4. Dutch Central Stables / Danielle Sintoni / 79.050%
5. Iron Springs Farm / Quinnten Alston / 78.740%