Dressage at Devon is thrilled to announce the official release of the Cathrine Laudrup-Dufour Master Class TV Series exclusively available on Horse & Country. The NorCordia Dressage at Devon Master Class presented by Running ‘S’ Equine Veterinary Services was originally held in September at the 2023 installment of Dressage at Devon, presented by Kingsview Partners. Spectators of the live event were the only equestrians to witness Danish Olympian and World number two dressage rider Cathrine Laudrup-Dufour’s first-ever North American Master Class. Now, any and all horse enthusiasts can watch or relive Laudrup-Dufour’s training methods and the star-studded lineup of demo riders – Hope Beerling, Lauren Sammis, Boyd Martin, Lindsay Kellock Duckworth, Hope Cooper and Catherine Haddad Staller.

Hope Cooper on Destar.

Set to be released on December 29th, anyone can learn Laudrup-Dufour’s key teachings from this unbelievable live Master Class. This is one of the first times viewers will be able to stream such an event online. The two-part series, available on Horse & Country for pay-per-view at $24.99, comprises two 60-minute episodes that provide a full look into the 2023 Dressage at Devon Master Class with Laudrup-Dufour. The series promises to be a perfect holiday gift for dressage fanatics, offering a rare opportunity to witness and learn from one of the discipline’s most talented riders.

Laudrup-Dufour’s career has been nothing short of spectacular. She has become a household name in the dressage world with her large social media following and accumulation of top dressage championships. As a junior rider she won 11 European Championship medals in the junior and young rider divisions. In 2016, she participated in the Rio Olympics and has continued to earn top Grand Prix placings since then. Laudrup-Dufour is also known for having two top-level Grand Prix mounts at the same time—Bohemian and Atterupgaards Cassidy—a rare feat in that level of the sport.

Throughout the NorCordia Dressage at Devon 2023 Master Class, Laudrup-Dufour emphasized crucial elements such as inspiration, patience, rhythm, and reward. Stressing the significance of understanding the basics and one’s horse, she tailored expert advice to each pair, showcasing effortless communication between horse and rider. The simplicity with which she conveyed complex techniques through analogies and explanations proved her knack for making the intricate accessible. Riders were exposed to various aspects of dressage, from piaffe, passage, tempi changes, half-pass, to transitions, all underscoring the importance of feeling calm, confident, and inspired. Every viewer is sure to take away key learnings from the online video release from Dressage at Devon.

Hope Beerling on Marokko.

The participants being instructed by Laudrup-Dufour had a long resume of Pan American Game medals, eventing championships and more. With every rider and horse combination, the audience was exposed to new tips and mindsets throughout the Master Class, learning valuable training and horsemanship techniques. Boyd Martin, a three-time Olympic eventer, even participated with an eventing mount, giving viewers a slightly different perspective when it comes to managing horses of different energies and disciplines within dressage. Although the riders were already greatly accomplished, they still benefited from Laudrup-Dufour’s teachings and viewers will certainly benefit as well. “I could not believe the feeling I got after just 20 minutes of working with Cathrine,” Martin exclaimed after his session.

Boyd Martin on Commando 3.

Dressage at Devon is one of the few venues to host a Master Class, or like event, in North America. The event will return for its third year at the 2024 installment on Dressage at Devon this coming fall. Dressage at Devon’s 2023 Master Class streaming release is a rare opportunity to witness any of these events. The live Master Class proved to be an educational and inspirational moment for the packed crowd of spectators and that energy is sure to be felt through the livestream release.

The release of this unmissable Master Class series further exemplifies Dressage at Devon’s dedication to educating the equestrian community. As a non-profit and one of the only competitions in the U.S. with the “Heritage Show” distinction, Dressage at Devon has been a host of electrifying dressage competitions for nearly fifty years, creating opportunities for a myriad of dressage riders.

Catherine Haddad Staller on Sola Diva.

Purchase Dressage at Devon 2023: The NorCordia Cathrine Laudrup-Dufour Masterclass Presented by Running “S” Veterinary Services Series to support this amazing non-profit and obtain rare training and horsemanship knowledge that can’t be found anywhere else. The purchase of the Master Class series is the quintessential gift for your favorite equestrian this holiday season!