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 Day 6 - Sunday

It's Sunday and the DAD show is coming to a close. Sunday focuses on the Young riders tests, FEI Intermediate I CDI3 and FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDIW . If you still want to relive some of the beautiful rides then we recommend you log into USEF web site and watch Class 510 - FEI Intermediate I Freestyle CDI3*

Did you miss the Facebook Live event ?  You can Click here to watch it. This event features 10 of your favorite rides, including Gifted and Carol Lavell, Rocher and George Williams, Success and Lars Peterson, and more. Hosted by JJ Tate and expert commentary from Anne Gribbons and George Williams. 

We asked our fans to vote on Facebook  for thier favorite rider -  the winner is George Williams and Rocher!   If you want to see a list of riders then check out the Saturday Night Class Schedule.

Day 5 - Saturday  

As a warm-up to the Saturday night event, we recommmend you can log into the USEF Network to watch a replay of 2019 Class 512: FEI Grand Prix Special CDI3*

DAD Memories  - Click on the name below to listen to some of our friends and competitors talk about DAD

Alison Brock , JJ TateGeorge Williams

Day 4 - Friday

Are you missing the show? You can log into your USEF account and catch some replays. Competing at DAD is a wonderful experience and on many competitor's wish list. Friday is a day when the Amatuer Adults (AA) get to do that right along side some of the top professionals in the sport. For this Friday, we recommend Class 508 - the FEI Prix St George for Amateur's

Day 3 - Thursday - Performance Day Starts with Young Horse tests

 A young horse test looks to find horses with elastic natural gaits, trained in a correct way, according to the age which can reach higher dressage levels. Marks are given from 0 to 10 and decimals are allowed (e.g. 7.3 or 8.7).  Showing a young horse at DAD can be exciting and winning is a significant achievement. NOTE the DAD class links below are large and may take a few minutes to load. 

DAD Class 411 - USEF Test for 4 Year Olds

DAD Class 412 - FEI Young horse test for 5 yr olds

Day 2 - Wednesday 

Learn more about showing a horse "in hand". Video excerpts from the 2015 USDF Youth Dressage Sport Horse Breeder/Handler Seminar held at Dressage at Devon.

Intro to Sport Horse In Hand Classes

We found this short youtube video for Iron Spring farms entitled "Behind the scenes: Iron Spring Farm (ISF)at Dressage at Devon 2011" posted by chevalfrisonfr. ISF is one of the long time DAD breed show supporters and competitors. Watch this fun short clip to see how it takes a "village" to show at DAD.  

Behind the scenes with ISF

Day 1 - Tuesday  

Dressage at Devon Breed show - The following links will play videos which remind us of what Day 1 entails. Thank you to our friends for sharing some of your videos. It's always special to bring a young horse to DAD.    Day 1 Breeding ,  2019 Highland Pony Class Dubarry Boys doing Dressage

 Thank you for being part of our 2020 Virtual show ! The DAD show committee can't wait to C U @ X in 2021