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Day 6 - Juniors, Dressage Explorers, Exhibitions and More

Sunday at Dressage at Devon is a day for the whole family. Junior riders dominate, giving all a view into the future. And while one of the goals is for the whole family to have fun, it is an important part of an effort to engage the under-30 group to the sport of dressage.

FEI Junior Riders
Ava MacCoubrey from Ontario, Canada achieved a score of 70.300 in her technically challenging freestyle test and claimed first place in the FEI Junior Freestyle riding Pablo, a 19-year-old bay KWPN. Ava started riding Western when she was eight years old and her family moved to Costa Rica.

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Day 5 - High Spirits and Top Performances

Nothing dampens the spirit at Dressage at Devon and on Saturday, excitement was in then air, with high level performances throughout the day, the Tempel Lipizzans, and the Grand Prix Classes in front of an very enthusiastic crowd.

Following up on their win in the Prix St. Georges CDI yesterday, Tina Irwin and her equine partner Laurencio claimed the blue ribbon in the FEI Intermediaire I with a score of 73.579. Laurencio is a nine-year-old Oldenburg that Tina and her husband, Jaimey, found in Germany when looking for a horse for Tina. He was not developed and did not stand out, but when Jaimey rode him -- and stayed on awhile -- Tina knew there must be something he liked. It took just three steps for Tina to discover what it was — the incredible elasticity and suppleness of his movements. Has earned the nickname Teddy for his loving nature and lowers his head for a hug from Irwin’s two young children.

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Day 4 - Performance Division in Full Swing

The performance division was in full swing today, with the more than 40 entries in the Prix St Georges, 4, 5, and 6 year old tests, Pony Team Test, FEI Young Riders Team. This year a diverse group of horses climbed to the FEI levels including an Akhal-Teke (a horse breed from Central Asia), a Thoroughbred, a Connemara and a Welsh/Gypsy.

Ladies Show Off their Hats
A group of women gathered in the Dixon Oval on Friday afternoon to exhibit their distinctive hats. Lauren Poppel, adorned with black lace wings and a hat that was home to a pink unicorn, flew away with the Judges’ Choice award.

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Day 3 - Individual Breed Classes and the Start of the Performance Division

Day 3 featured the Individual Breed Classes (IBC) with more than 20 breeds from Andalusians, Hanovarians and Haflingers to Warmbloods and Lipizzans.

Two new classes were added this year – Akhal-Teke and the Drum Horse. The Akhal-Teke is from Turkmenistan where they are a national emblem. They have a reputation for speed and endurance, intelligence and a distinctive metallic sheen. The breed is tough and resilient, having adapted to the harshness of Turkmenistan lands.

The Drum Horse was first used by the Queen of England in her ceremonial Band of the Life Guards. The Drum Horse carries large silver kettle drums during parades and other pageantry – thus the name. Today, the Drum Horse is proving to be the “ultimate heavy riding horse” according to the International Drum Horse Association.

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Day 2 - The Breed Class Continues

The Breed Division of Dressage at Devon continued on Wednesday with suitability, under saddle, Materiale classes and much more.

Generations at DAD Much like the Olympics, there are always great, behind-the-scenes stories at Dressage at Devon (DAD). For example, there is the three generation Reggio/Belles family - breeders, trainers, riders and handlers from Windy Ridge Farm in Bethel, PA who have been competing at DAD since 1989. And, while multiple generations of riders at DAD are not all that unusual, this family is quite special.

Judy Riggio (Suzanne's mom and Tori's grandmother) had what she calls a "chronic disease," centered around her love of horses. She wanted to be Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. When she was young, she and a few friends made the money to buy and care for a $100 horse.

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