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Judges' Biographies - Performance Division

Liselotte Fore 5* (USA)

Liselotte (Lilo) Fore has been judging internationally since 1990. Her judgingassignments have included CDIs 1/2/3/4/5*, CDIs W/CDI'O and the WorldEquestrian Games in 2014. In addition, she has judged the selection trials requiredfor all international Championships as well as international Events in the USA, SouthAmerica, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, and well as the 2015 World Cup Finalsin Las Vegas. She has also judged three Pan Am Games, most recently in Toronto.Lilo was a Sporthorse breeder for 25 years, standing up to six stallions and hasproduced many champions in the USA and Canada. She has also been a SporthorseDressage breed judge for a few decades.

Lilo is very involved in the educational process of USA judges program as a teacherand Examiner and has been a dressage trainer/teacher and clinician through GrandPrix since 1972.

Janet Foy 4* (USA)

Janet Foy is an FEI 4* judge, USEF "S" Dressage Judgeand a USEF Sporthorse "R" Breed Judge. She has judged atmajor shows in the US including the FEI North AmericanYoung Rider Championships, the FEI North American JuniorChampionships, The USA World Cup League Finals, Dressageat Devon, USET Festival of Champions and FEI shows acrossthe country. Her international judging has included FEIWorld Cup League Finals and CDI*** in South America,Europe, Canada and Australia. Janet is a member of the USDFExecutive Board and the USEF Board of Directors, a memberof the USEF Dressage Committee and the International HighPerformance Dressage Committee. She is also on the USDF"L"Faculty and instructs judges training programs throughout theUS for dressage and sporthorse breeding.

Clive Halsall 4* (GBR)

Clive is based on the North West of England, having spent time training inSwitzerland and Germany, and has competed and trained several horses to GrandPrix level in Europe & the UK. He is an FEI 4* Judge, and British Dressage List 1judge and Accredited trainer. He holds regular training clinics at his home in the UK,and has travelled to both Dubai and UAE judging and training. He was ground jurymember in Wellington, FL in spring 2016, and was also part of the ground jury at theJunior & YR European Championships held in Valencia, Spain in 2016.

Sandra Hotz 4* (USA)

Sandy is an active FEI judge, clinician, trainer and coach. She has ridden and taughtdressage for over 35 years. She has been judging since 1989 and has judgednumerous Championships and CDI's, notably the Central American/CaribbeanGames, Mexican National Championships, U.S. Young and Developing HorseChampionships, U.S. National Championships, Nations Cup, World Cup Qualifiers,NAJYCR, Seat Medal Championships, and many Regional Championships.

Sandy has successfully trained young horses up to the FEI levels, and routinelycompeted on the East Coast, including Florida and Dressage at Devon. She rode andtrained extensively in Europe, which exposed her to a variety of training methods.She believes that horses can be brought to the height of their ability using kind,consistent aids, while maintaining joy in their work.

Sandy enjoys teaching, and can quickly identify rider's strengths and weaknesses,developing a clear plan for their success. Her lessons and clinics are positive andcreative, resulting in enlightened students who make visible progress. She excels inteaching correct basics, as well as producing and "fine-tuning" FEI-level riders.When she is not around horses, she can be found in the mountains of Colorado,skiing, hiking, or backpacking with her husband, Randy.

Jeanne McDonald 4* (USA)

Jeanne began riding at age eight with the New Canaan Mounted Troop inConnecticut, and has earned her USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals. With her 3rdGP horse, the Oldenburg Stallion Tantris, and his offspring that she has bred ather Turning Point Farm in Downingtown, PA, Jeanne is still competing to help keepher rider perspective! Jeanne has been a licensed USEF Dressage judge for over 28years and along with her FEI 4* & YH Dressage Judge's status, also holds a USEF "S"and a retired USEF/USDF "r" DSHB Judges license.  In addition tojudging throughout South, Central & North America, including National DressageChampionships, she has also judged the European Jr and Yr Championships inHolland.  When not judging or riding, she enjoys teaching clinics from the West toEast Coast which keeps her busy most every weekend from February thruNovember.

Mary Seefried 5* (AUS)

Mary is currently one of about 30 Olympic level (5*) dressage judges in the worldIn 2013, the FEI appointed her to the Judges Supervisory Panel which ensuresfairness in judging at major championships.

Mary has over 40 years of contribution to equestrian sports via numerouscommittees. Currently she is Chair of the Australian Dressage Committee. Not onlyis she a Judge Educator in Australia but also is an FEI Dressage Judge course directoras well as Young Horse judge. She particularly likes passing on her experience ineducation programs for judges as well as assisting riders to improve their scoresfrom the judge's point of view.

Alban Tissot 4* (FRA)

Alban Tissot is an International Grand Prix Rider. He is also trains riders up to GrandPrix level and is a 4* judge. He has been a national judge in France since 2002. Albanowns and runs his own stables in Normandy, France and runs clinics in France forriders and/or judges.

Cesar Torrente 3* (COL)

A native of Colombia, Cesar Torrente is an international dressage judge and an FEIlevel dressage competitor. He is the first judge to be promoted through the new FEI3 * program. Cesar has had the honor of standing on medal podium to receive theteam gold medal two times in the Central American Games. He is a corporate lawyerby profession.

Despite traveling the globe to judge worldwide, he maintains the precarious balancebetween his career and his passion for horses with apparent ease. He is known inthe dressage world as a "rider's judge", because he knows what it is like to be in thejudges box, as well as the sandbox we call the dressage ring. Best of all, Cesar exudeswarmth and is most often found with a smile on his face.

Eduard De Wolff Van Westerrode 5* (NED)

Eduard (Eddy) has been riding since a very young age, jumping and evening inEngland. In his competitive career, Eddy successfully rode horses in PSG,Intermediate and Grand Prix. He was the Dutch Champion in PSG and Intermediatewith his Dutch stallion Monarch.

Eddy is a world-renowned clinician and trainer, teaching and sharing his knowledgewith judges, trainers and riders around the globe. He has been the National Coach ofthe Chilean Dressage Team in the 2010 SURAGames (South AmericanChampionships). The Turkish Team in preparation for the Balkan Games, has alsobeen assisted and trained by Eddy.

An international 4* judge and trainer, Eddy has been judging and trainingworldwide for the past 30 years and he has been selected as an FEI Mentor Judge forupcoming Candidate Judges. He is especially proud of serving on the judges panelfor the 2016 Olympics.

In the Netherlands, Eddy is a consultant for selection trials of the Dutch Senior,Junior, Young Rider and Pony teams as well as an examiner in the Dutch InstructionsAcademy in Ermelo.

Lois Yukins USA FEI 4* & USEF S Dressage Judge (USA)

Lois grew up in Birmingham/Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She was in Pony Club and rode Equitation, Hunter/Jumpers, as well as fox hunting with the Bloomfield Open Hunt Club. After a serious jumping accident she became more focused on Dressage. She has trained horses and riders throughout the levels and owned two training facilities over the years.

Lois became a National Dressage Judge in the early 70's and an FEI Dressage Judge in 1999.

She has judged throughout the United States, Canada, Central and South America, Mexico, Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and England. She is on the panel to judge the 2014 Asian Games in Korea.

Along with her International and National Judging, Lois is a trainer and examiner of judges in the US from the L Graduate Level to our Senior Judges.

Lois is the Chair of the USDF L Education Program, a member of the USDF Judges Committee, USEF Dressage Committee and the USEF Licensed Official Committee.

She lives on the North Shore of Boston in Manchester By The Sea.

Special Performance Divison Trophies


The American Trakehner Association Perpetual Trophy – To be awarded to the Highest Scoring Ride at Fourth Level

The Avery Draper Memorial Trophy – To be awarded to the High Score Ride by a DVCTA Member (any class excluding Freestyle scores).

The Braceland Trophy – To be awarded to the Horse and Rider achieving the highest combined score from the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle.

Chevy’s Cup – To be awarded to the highest scoring non-warmblood horse at the FEI levels at Dressage at Devon

The Chigwell Memorial Perpetual Trophy – To be awarded to the High Score Ride in the FEI Level Classes (FEI Freestyle, Junior and YR excluded).

The Darla Lynn Schwark Memorial Trophy – To be awarded to the High Score Adult Amateur Fourth Level Rider

The Equine Challenge Trophy – To be awarded to the High Score Intermediare Ride.

The German Oldenburg Verband Perpetual Trophy – To be awarded to the Highest Scoring Registered Oldenburg in the open classes.

The Gill Trophy, dedicated to Fritz Stecken – To be awarded to the High Score Average of two or more Rides by a Young Rider.

The High Score American Bred Trophy – To be awarded to the Highest Scoring American Bred Horse in the Performance Division.

The John “JP” Perry Memorial Perpetual Trophy – To be awarded to a person who demonstrates sportsmanship and is a true ambassador for the Equestrian Sports.

The Jolly Roger Memorial Trophy – To be awarded to the Junior Rider earning the highest score at Dressage at Devon.

The M.L.T. Trophy – To be awarded to the Groom of the High Score Horse at the FEI Levels.

The Major Hector Carmona Memorial Trophy – To be awarded to the Highest Averaged Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special Score.

Phyllis Mathews Hammett Memorial Trophy – To be awarded to the High Score Prix St. Georges Ride.

The Samuel M.V. Hamilton Memorial Trophy (2) - To be awarded to the Best Turned out of Horse and Handler at FEI Horse Inspection at Dressage at Devon(Male and Female)

The Sebastiaan Memborial Challenge Trophy – To be awarded to the Highest Scoring Registered Dutch Horse in the Performance Division.

The Valerie Kahan Memorial Trophy – To be awarded to the High Score Adult Amateur Grand Prix Rider (Freestyle scores excluded).

The Watermark Farm Memorial Trophy – To be awarded to the highest scoring Grand Prix rider who formerly competed in the North American Young Rider Championships (In any discipline – all countries eligible).

Performance Division Class Awards

Performance Division Winner 2008

The A – Beckett Challenge Trophy – To be awarded to the Winner of Fourth Level Test 2 (Sunday)

The Bachelor Bowl Trophy – To be awarded to the winner of the FEI Dressage Test for 5 YR Old Horses (awarded to the winner of Thursday’s class on Friday)

The Brigadoon Challenge Trophy – winner of the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle

The Carolyn Peltz-Hornsby Memorial Trophy – winner of the FEI Intermediaire I

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Perpetual Trophy – winner of the FEI Grand Prix Special

The Frances and Arthur Robbins Memorial Trophy – To be awarded to winner of Fourth Level Test 3.

The Frauke IX Memorial Challenge Trophy – To be awarded to the Winner of the Fourth Level Test 2.

The Fritz Stecken Memorial Trophy – winner of the FEI Young Rider Individual Test

The General Augustine Smith Janeway, Army of the US, Memorial Challenge Trophy - winner of the FEI Prix St. Georges

The George F. Hammett III Memorial Trophy – winner of the FEI Young Rider Team Test

The Hobby Horse Hill II Trophy – winner of the FEI Individual Test Ponies

The Independence Dogs Challenge Trophy – winner of the FEI Young Riders Freestyle

The Janine Klein Memorial Trophy – winner of the FEI Intermediaire I Freestyle

The Leonard L. and Phyllis M. Evans Memorial Trophy – winner of the FEI Grand Prix (qualifier for freestyle)

The Phyllis H. Corl Memorial Perpetual Trophy - winner of the FEI Grand Prix "B"