Local Artist Creates Dressage at Devon 2014 Poster Artwork

Dressage at Devon has selected local artist, Phoebe Darlington, to create artwork for the 2014 show poster. Self taught, Darlington has been creating portraits in pencil for more than 20 years.

Inspiration for the Dressage at Devon 2014 poster artwork came from a photograph taken by Hoof Print Images. The scene features the committee stand in the background, and the rider and horse in the foreground having just received their award. Eyes focus on the rider’s raised glove and the horse’s proud expression while a ghosting effect created in the background appears like a watercolor. “Both horse and rider are such champions. I hope the viewer feels the excitement in the moment,” describes Darlington.

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Family Fun for Equestrians and Non-Equestrians Alike at Dressage at Devon 2014

One of the nation’s biggest horse show competitions is to take place in Devon on September 23 through September 28 at the Devon Horse Show Grounds in Devon PA.

Dressage at Devon brings top competitors, horses, trainers and judges from across the continent and around the globe together for one of the highest-rated international dressage competitions and the most complete breed show outside of Europe. Dressage is an ancient equestrian discipline and the fastest growing equestrian sport in the USA today.

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Follow the Foal II: Dressage at Devon 2014 Damascus

Since our last glimpse of Damascus (Don Principe x Raureif), he has proven to be quite a star, winning the Hanovarian inspection in a field of 19. He took it all in stride but his owner, Catherine Haddad Staller, was probably a bit more excited. “I am thrilled,” she said. "He showed very well."

But for Damascus, life remains uncomplicated, spending most of his time in the pasture, playing and resting and staying close to mom. But for those responsible for his care, and the care of many others, there's a lot more to think about.

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Follow the Foal: Dressage at Devon 2014 Damascus

Each year, the Dressage at Devon Breed Show hosts hundreds of well-bred colts and fillies. Each is the product of careful breeding and watchful tending as they, hopefully, grow into champions. And each year, Dressage at Devon chooses one to follow on their path to Dressage at Devon. This year, we will follow Damascus, a striking colt, with a big blaze and lots of chrome.

Damacus was bred and is owned by one of the world’s top riders, Catherine Haddad Staller.

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Australian Horseman and Entertainer, Guy McLean Returns to Dressage at Devon 2014

Life-long horseman and stuntman, Guy McLean, will appear at the 2014 Dressage at Devon Horse Show on September 26 though September 28 at the Devon Show Horse Grounds, Devon, PA. Exhibits will take place each day of the performance show.

McLean and his team of horses have performed before millions all over the world, showing a level of communication and partnership between man and horse that most have never seen before. Like a choreographed performance, McLean can coordinate the movements of his four horses at once: sitting, rolling, bowing, and more.

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